Custom Foot Orthoses

To our clientele, we offer a wide variety of both prefabricated and custom foot orthoses. Prefabricated arch supports (Birkenstock) can be a useful assessment tool.

Our typical rigid and semi-rigid orthoses are deep heel seated, high Calcanical control and instrisic posted.

The orthoses are made from a subtalar neutral casting technique resulting in a plaster of paris, three dimensional cast and modified as per the traditional pedorthic (Root) theory. The orthoses are custom molded on our premises from this positive foot cast.

In exaggerated forefoot varus and valgus situations we are using the Lundin method of bi-valving dual axis and tri-axis foot orthoses.

As can be seen in this picture, the cast itself is cut and the rearfoot is manipulated to decrease the amount of forefoot posting that is needed to the orthosis itself once manufactured.

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